December 18, 2019


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Samsung – This is Amazing


So the smartphone industry is facing massive technology saturation. Chipset makers have developed more efficient smartphone processors, but the once predicted “doubling of performance” doesn’t happen anymore. Battery technology has never progressed as fast as others, while display quality though advanced, has also reached a tipping point. OLED displays, which were once considered to be too expensive, have made it even to the more affordable segments. And with this saturation, companies are going back to the basics — the megapixel wars. It started with 48MP sensors announced by Sony and Samsung, which companies like Xiaomi, Realme,

OnePlus and many others have used this year. Xiaomi then used a 64MP camera sensor on their smartphones developed by Samsung. Not only that the upcoming Galaxy S11+ will have the 108MP camera making it one of the first devices to cross the 100MP threshold. It’s a major jump from the 12MP sensor that Samsung currently uses on their flagships but it looks like Samsung is not stopping anytime soon. They’re going to take this megapixel game to a whole new level. Samsung has officially unveiled a 144MP camera sensor for smartphones. As if the 108MP was not enough, they’re making the sensor even denser than before. This is made from a 14nm FinFet process. Since there isn’t enough space inside the smartphone they absolutely need this 14nm process.

Usually when we talk about nanometers it’s about the processor or the chipset but it’s the not case here. Anyway, this new sensor would also result in reduced power consumption. Usually when the megapixel count increases the battery consumption also increases as more pixels usually require more time for data processing. But it’s not going to be the case here, this 144MP sensor would reduce battery consumption by 42% which will make sure it has no negative effect on battery life. It’s also worth mentioning that megapixels aren’t everything. But like I’ve said yesterday, Samsung is going to use the binning technology where they are going to convert this 144MP into 12MP with 12 to 12 binning tech resulting in a much bigger pixel size. Pixel size is one of the most important factors in the camera and higher the Pixel size more light it captures and hence better the image quality.

So this 144MP isn’t just a marketing gimmick this will make a difference. It looks like OnePlus will unveil their first-ever concept phone. Oneplus announced that they will be present at the Consumer electronics show which is just 3 weeks away and will unveil a concept phone or a gadget named the OnePlus Concept One, on Jan. 7. They posted this short video but didn’t reveal anything about it other than the name, Now we don’t know whether it’s a smartphone, TV or something else entirely.